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2024 SEC Filing Deadlines: Don't Miss the Boat for AFS and GIS!

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has implemented new deadlines for the submission of Annual Financial Statements (AFS) and General Information Sheets (GIS) for 2023. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the filing process, deadlines, and key points to remember to ensure a smooth and compliant submission for Philippine corporations in 2024.

SEC filing 2024

Why are AFS and GIS Important?

AFS and GIS are crucial documents that provide transparency and accountability for Philippine businesses. AFS showcases a company's financial health, while GIS details its basic information. Timely submission ensures the SEC maintains an accurate record of corporations operating in the Philippines.

Who Needs to File?

All Philippine corporations, including:

  • Stock and non-stock corporations

  • Listed and delisted companies

  • Public companies

  • Entities under Section 17.2 of the Securities Regulation Code (SRC)

What are the Deadlines?

The deadlines for filing AFS depend on your company's registration number ending digits:

  • Last Digits 1 & 2: April 29-30, May 2-3, or May 6-10

  • Last Digits 3 & 4: May 13-17 or May 20-24

  • Last Digits 5 & 6: May 27-31 or June 3-7

How to File?

The SEC mandates electronic filing through the Electronic Filing and Submission Tool (eFAST) for most documents:

Important Reminders

Stay Compliant, Stay Informed

Meeting the SEC's filing deadlines is crucial for Philippine corporations. By adhering to these guidelines and submitting your AFS and GIS on time, you can ensure compliance and avoid penalties. Remember, transparency and accurate information are essential for a healthy business environment in the Philippines.

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