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Productivity Tip: Overcome Phone Addiction?

Has the use of your smartphone become an issue for you, interfering with your social life, job, or family time? The first step in ending a bad relationship with your phone is being more self-aware. These are the warning signs to watch out for, along with questions to help you identify them.

Phone addiction

Loss of control. Even when you're not waiting for anything specific, do you have a strong, insatiable want to check your phone?

Dependence. When you have to turn off your phone, do you get tense or angry? Do you find yourself worrying that you might miss a message, call, or alert?

Emotional coping. When faced with unpleasant emotions like boredom, annoyance, tension, or social anxiety, do you automatically reach for your phone to help you cope?

Negative Emotions. Is using your phone making you feel horrible, to put it simply? After consuming it, do you experience more tension, worry, or loneliness?

Harmed social relationships. Does using your phone interfere with your ability to listen to others and hold continuous in-person conversations? Do the significant others in your life feel overlooked because you're absorbed in your phone instead of them?

Compromised performance. Do you find yourself putting off critical tasks because of your phone? restrict your capacity for clear thought? Encourage your tardiness?

Read the article: “Do You Have a Phone Addiction?” By Alyson Meister and Nele Dael



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