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General Information Sheet (GIS) in the Philippines

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Philippines mandates the General Information Sheet (GIS), a document that provides broad details about a firm, including its composition, ownership, officials, and directors. Each year, all Philippine corporations that are registered with the SEC must submit the GIS.

A complete picture of a corporation's ownership and management structure is provided by the GIS, along with the names, titles, and contact details of its directors, officers, and significant shareholders. It also contains details of any modifications made to the corporation's bylaws or articles of incorporation during the fiscal year, as well as information on the amount of authorized and outstanding capital stock, the number of shares issued, and their par value.

Companies must submit the GIS to the SEC Philippines within 30 days of the annual stockholders' meeting date or, if earlier, the deadline for having the meeting. Transparency, accountability, and good corporate governance are crucial for fostering investor confidence in the Philippine capital markets, hence the timely and accurate submission of a GIS is a requirement.



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