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Leadership Tip: Becoming a CEO

If you're a middle or senior manager with aspirations of becoming a CEO or if you're an employee transitioning to becoming a full time entrepreneur, you may be shocked to hear that, although extremely valuable, your talents don't immediately match those required for the top job. These are the qualities you must cultivate in order to get there.

Becoming a CEO

Forward-thinking mindset. In order to shift into the role of CEO, you need actively engage in strategic planning meetings, help shape the organization's future course, and make sure your projects are in line with these goals. Keep yourself updated about new developments in technology and industry trends that could affect your company's future.

Calculated risk taking. Take on initiatives where you need to carefully evaluate and reduce risks if you want to become a CEO who is at ease with taking measured risks. Increase your risk tolerance gradually and gain knowledge from the results of your risk-management choices.

Optimism. Engage in team coaching and motivation by highlighting opportunities for learning and development. Instead than concentrating on barriers, pay attention to opportunities and build a group's resilience to unavoidable setbacks.

Resilience. Seek out constructive criticism, and handle it with grace, calmness, and an open-minded growth perspective. Also, work on maintaining a composed demeanor when under pressure.

Empathy. During project meetings, practice active listening, and develop a knowledge of varied viewpoints and team dynamics.

Inclusiveness and trust. Seek advice from team members with different experiences and viewpoints, and establish credibility by reliably keeping your word and communicating openly.

Read the full article: “The Leap from Project Manager to CEO Is Hard — But Not Impossible,” by Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez



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