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Productivity Tip: Stop Overthinking

Three types of overthinking exist: future tripping, overanalyzing, and ruminating. Here's how to recognize and deal with each one before it sends you into a tailspin, increases stress, and eventually burns you out.


Rumination. This is a mental cycle in which you keep thinking back on the past, especially upsetting or unpleasant experiences. A person may be a ruminator if they are prone to dwelling on unfavorable criticism, discussing prior mistakes in discussions with others, or being extremely meticulous with their job. Give yourself 15 to 30 minutes to work through these unfavorable thoughts in order to stop rumination. By doing this, you'll be able to compartmentalize your thoughts and avoid brooding all day.

Overanalyzing. Overanalyzers often struggle with setting priorities, procrastinating, and overly depending on the approval of others. Change your goal from "perfect" to "good enough" to end the loop.

Future tripping. You're probably a future tripper if you obsess over planning for every circumstance or if you have trouble celebrating your accomplishments because you're constantly worried about the next thing that will happen. To deal with it, take use of your propensity for forward thinking and picture yourself in a future where the tension of this moment has passed.

Read the article: "3 Types of Overthinking — and How to Overcome Them," by Melody Wilding



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